Sr. No. Title View Detail
48 Result of Online Draw of 181 old houses by Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority. New
47 SOP for Draw of Vacant Dwellings New
45 Owners meeting for DTPS 138-A Roopavati New
46 Owners meeting for Roopavati New
44 EWS Bopal Zundal draw result date:3-5-2022 New
41 EWS Nilkol Kathawada (Narmada Nagar, Paranti, Amraparn) draw result1 date 30-4-2022 New
42 EWS Nilkol Kathawada (Narmada Nagar, Paranti, Amraparn) draw result2 date 30-4-2022
43 EWS Nilkol Kathawada (Narmada Nagar, Paranti, Amraparn) draw result3 date 30-4-2022
40 POR Registration for Gujarat Council of Prof.C.E. New
39 DTPS-417-B Hathijan-Geratnagar ON 29-5-2021 New
38 Jaher Notice For Paper T.P. 417.B Final New
37 EWS II draw result at Amiyapur, Bopal, Koteshwar date 19/01/2021 New
36 Gujarat sthapana divas sankalp New
35 Very Important Instruction from Auda New
34 Details of AUDA Green Initiative
33 Tree Plantation Initiative
32 Tree Plantation
17 Tree Plantation Arvind Smart Space
18 Tree Plantation Khoraj-Khodiyar
19 Tree Plantation Santej-Rakanpur (Super City)
20 Tree Plantation TPS-1, Bopal
21 Tree Plantation TPS-1,2,3, Ghuma
22 Tree Plantation TPS-1,2,3, Shela
23 Tree Plantation TPS-2,3, Bopal
24 Tree Plantation TPS-47,48
25 Tree Plantation TPS-80,238,239
26 Tree Plantation TPS-131
27 Tree Plantation TPS-129, Aslali-Jetalpur
28 Tree Plantation TPS-236
29 Tree Plantation TPS-241, Nana-Chiloda
30 Tree Plantation TPS-429, Godhavi-Manipur
31 Tree Plantation TPS-Sanand
16 Tree Plantation Presentation
15 Affordable Housing EWS-II Scheme Brochure
14 Affordable Housing LIG Scheme Bopal Brochure
11 EWS aavash Draw Result 16.10.2017
12 MIG aavash Draw Result 16.10.2017
13 LIG aavash Draw Result 16.10.2017
10 AUDA Property Guidance cell
8 RERA Act
9 Gujarat RERA Rules Final Draft-27/4/2017
7 Safe Kids at Home
6 Circular of easy of doing business
5 Listing and Grading of Heritage Structures
4 Progress of Road work at Bopal TPS-3 RW-03 Online
1 RTI Form
2 RTI Matter
3 Thol Eco Sensetive Zone Gazzate - Draft