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TP Scheme


First town planning act was implemented in 1915.

-This provided for planning of small areas around the city, which is growing or proposed for growth through Town Planning Schemes.

Act was modified in 1954.

-This Act provided for preparation of development plan (master plan) for the entire city along with detail planning through T.P.Scheme.

The recent version of the Act is of 1976.

-To day we have provision for covering areas beyond city limit. Act provides for delineating urbaniseable area and constituting Authority.

Earlier Scenario

  • Chaotic Growth.
  • Inadequate Resources for Infrastructure.
  • Inadequate Land for Roads.
  • Insufficient Data for Planning.

Implementation Initiatives Process

To enable rapid implementation of TP Schemes, AUDA initiated reforms in the Town Planning Act. These reforms were supported by Govt. of Gujarat

  • It makes possible to take possession of land for roads as soon as a Draft TP Scheme is sanctioned.
  • AUDA can recover cost of infrastructure provision in the form of land. This method of cost recovery is now widely accepted by land owners/ citizens.

Preparation and Implementation of TP Schemes with usage of new advanced technologies.

  • Total station survey are conducted right at start for upcoming TP Schemes.
  • Computerized preparation of TP Schemes.

Prahladnagar -a model TP Scheme on previously reserved land in the south-west periphery of the city was taken up first.

  • The Scheme brings 162 hectares of planned and serviced land into the market which was previously reserved land.
  • Development of infrastructure through self financed and self sustaining mechanisms of TP Schemes from saleable plots allotted to Authority.
  • Roads,Water Supply, Drainage and Street Lighting has been executed.

AUDA's Plan & Implementation Status

From 1978 to 1999 (20 years), 76 Town Planning Schemes (12724.2 ha.) were implemented.

From 1999 till date 83 TP Schemes ( 13376 ha.) has been completed.

  • 36 in west AUDA region (6043.6 ha.)
  • 47 in east AUDA region (7332.4 ha.)

48 new TP Schemes ( 6802.9 ha.) are under preparation

  • 23 in west AUDA region (3516.21 ha.)
  • 25 in east AUDA region (3286.7 ha.)

Impacts of Rapid Implementation of TP Schemes

Sr. No. T.P.S. No Area/Village Date of Sanction of
Draft T.P. Scheme
Date of Sanction of
Priliminary Scheme
Date of sanction of
Final Scheme
"F" Form
1 419 ASLALI 04/12/2019
2 432 ASLALI 06/01/2018
3 129 ASLALI-JETALPUR 02/12/2013
4 420 ASLALI-LAMBHA 01/03/2019
5 431 ASLALI-NAJ 01/11/2018
6 424 BADODRA-DEVDI-VANCH 24/02/2014
7 1 BAREJA 20/11/2013